Chilcot Report Delay "Shows Complete Lack of Political Leadership"

Former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, General Sir Richard Shirreff declares the delay a 'complete lack of political leadership'.

A former military commander in Iraq says the decision to delay publishing the Chilcot report shows a 'complete lack of political leadership'.
General Sir Richard Shirreff - who was NATO's Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Europe - also said that it has given the impression of there being a desire to 'water the report down'.
General Shirreff, who gave evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, spoke to our Forces TV reporter Simon Newton about the delay.
Simon also spoke to the father of a soldier killed in Iraq, meanwhile, who said he was 'totally disgusted and frustrated' by the news. 
Roger Bacon, whose son Major Matthew Bacon, died in Basra in 2005, said the families of soldiers killed or injured in Iraq still want answers.
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