Adam Conlon

Humour is not the word often associated with the Military but former frontline Army Officer Captain Adam Conlon found throughout his Army career, and especially on dangerous missions in Afghanistan, humour was not only important for team morale but also a vital coping mechanism

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Adam Conlon is a former Royal Artillery Army Officer, Afghanistan veteran and experienced inspirational speaker whose stories reveal the lighter side of what life and leading soldiers on the frontline is really like. His first-hand accounts convey the human side of the military, a side that is very rarely revealed.

With no previous military experience Adam joined the Army is 2004 and immediately found that beneath the surface of this very serious looking institution was an incredible world of humour that fuelled camaraderie and teamwork.

The famous comedian and former Royal Artillery soldier, Spike Milligan, famously said in his memories recounting his experiences of the Second World War “that laughter was, I’m sure, the key to victory”. Using his own first-hand accounts as an Officer leading soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan, Adam’s compelling stories explain how the ability to laugh and keep going when the going gets tough is still just as pertinent and still a powerful tool today.

During 2007 – 2009 Adam deployed to Afghanistan on two operational tours. During his first tour he led 30 soldiers on mobile missions across uncharted areas of Helmand Province while being hunted by the Taliban during one of the worst winters in recorded Afghan history. Exposed to the brutal elements Adam’s troop lived on hard routine through freezing conditions while moving across Helmand, providing Artillery support to ground troops. One mission in particular lasted forty-five days and supported the eventual liberation of the strategically important town of Musa Qalah. Keeping morale high in the troop during these dangerous and difficult conditions in the middle of Taliban controlled heartland was vital and Adam’s talks prove how important humour and keeping spirits high really was.

Adam deployed to Afghanistan again in the summer of 2009 during one of the deadliest periods for British troops as a Forward Operational Officer embedded with the infantry. This tour was during the summer months and temperatures regularly remained above 50 degrees centigrade which made operating in highly dangerous situations a real challenge. Again having a sense of humour was used time and time again to help overcome huge adversity.

If there is one thing soldiers do better than anyone else it’s the ability to take photos and videos of themselves, often in dangerous situations. As a result Adam now has a collection of incredible images and video footage to create an astonishing visual backdrop to his talks, providing an in-depth experience of life on the frontline.

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