David Blakeley

Captain David Blakeley was a Commander in the secretive British military unit The Pathfinders, also known as 'The Ghost Platoon', who were often tasked with parachuting behind enemy lines to carry out extremely high-risk recce, sabotage, kill or capture missions.

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David led the most audacious mission of the Iraq War, commanding a nine-man patrol going deep behind enemy lines - subject of his 2012 Sunday Times Bestselling book, Pathfinder, which has featured in all major British media as "the untold story of a secret elite British unit". Surrounded by thousands of enemy forces and abandoned by coalition command, they were left to fight their way out of the enemy's backyard. Miraculously, they did so, without losing a single member of their patrol.

At 21 years of age David was promoted to be the youngest Captain in the British Army since Sir Ranulph Fiennes, going on to serve in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since leaving the military he has worked as a consultant to TV and Film companies. He has also featured in high profile computer games including the latest 'Alien Verses Predator' and has fronted a number of advertising campaigns including Harley Davidson.

In 2013 David published his second book Maverick One. The book is unique and extraordinary, chronicling the true story of the making of a warrior. It culminates in David fighting back to full recovery from horrific injuries suffered whilst on operations in Iraq, to go on to face SAS selection.


2013 Maverick One - Orion

2012 Pathfinder - Orion

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