Floyd Woodrow

One of the youngest ever to have been selected for the elite SAS, Floyd Woodrow went on to win the second highest gallantry award for his work in Iraq and is now a renowned speaker on leadership in the business sector.

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Floyd Woodrow was one of the youngest soldiers ever to be selected for the UK's elite Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) at the age of 22.  He has served in many different operational areas globally, and was awarded the UK's second-highest award for gallantry, the Distinguished Conduct Medal, for his services whilst in Iraq and an MBE for his work in Afghanistan.

Floyd's early career was as a soldier in the Parachute Regiment.  He spent 4 years with the 1st Battalion before joining the SAS.  During his time in the military, Floyd studied law and psychology and wrote his first book 'Learning to Learn'.  He was promoted to Major and finished his career as the head of the Counter Terrorist Unit where he ran a nationally recognised training programme.

Since leaving the military, Floyd established a consultancy business and became a director of a number of companies in the oil and gas industry and technology.  Floyd has been the lead in a number of mergers ensuring that the companies in which he has been involved surpass their expected sales price.  He has also been involved in numerous negotiations from hostage rescue to assisting businesses to fully reach their potential.

Floyd wrote his second book, Elite 'The Secret to Elite Leadership and Performance' in 2012, which reached the final of the People's Book Prize.  His third book, MAPP, is due to be published in 2014.

Floyd regularly lectures on leadership all over the world, recently winning a prestigious award as a high performing speaker and, in his own words, "I was given many leadership roles at a young age but I never really understood what leadership actually was until my mid-thirties.  I wish I had been taught some of the things I now know much earlier in my life.  There is no doubt in my mind that there is a common thread to the most talented people in the world and I enjoy showing people what that is".

Floyd has established an international reputation for designing and running leadership and elite performance training in sports, business, government, police, not-for-profit organisations and school.


If you would like Floyd at your event call 07748783028 

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