Captain Ed Willing - 3 Battalion The Rifles

Captain Ed Willing has served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland and is an remarkably eloquent speaker who can shed light on life as a current serviceman.

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Captain Ed Willing was commissioned into the Royal Green Jackets in 2005. He served as a platoon commander in Iraq in 2006-07 and then as a military advisor to indigenous forces in Arabia.

During the summer fighting season of 2009, he served in Sangin, operating from a remote outpost in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. In 2011, Capt Willing returned to Afghanistan as the operations officer for 2 Rifles, working alongside the Afghan National Army as they launched a series of large-scale independent operations. His work with the Afghan army is of particular interest given the importance in building a local force that is able to continue the work of NATO forces once they withdraw.

Ed is in demand to address senior managers and members of the board on aspects of leadership or change management. He also particularly enjoys giving motivational talks to younger corporate audiences about how to work with integrity and professionalism and how to assume responsibility.


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