Buster Howes is an unconventional, dynamic and resilient former Royal Marines General.  He has substantial operational experience over 3 decades and is an experienced strategist. He is a compassionate polymath, with emotional intelligence, a strong moral compass and the ability to inspire.  He is motivated by a desire to enhance human dignity, social cohesion, security and hope, and to reduce suffering, waste and want.

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Buster Howes was Commanding General of the Royal Marines and latterly the lead UK military diplomat in the USA.  On active duty he has led operations from the European Counter-Piracy Force to forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As a strategist he masterminded plans covering the campaign in Afghanistan, the UN Mission during the Balkans conflict and the US Marine Corps role in the first Iraq War.  

Buster is an immensely experienced and eclectic speaker to groups as diverse as business, Royalty, Government, the UN, the European Parliament, US politicians, foreign Heads of State and universities, “think tanks”, schools, charities and military institutions. 

His subjects include: courage, authenticity, EQ  and intuition, surprise, imagination, failure, charm, resilience, recovering from physical and mental injury, humanity, “wicked” problem solving, suffering, America, team building, vivid communication, influence; a wide variety of perspectives on leadership, formulation of policy, campaign and strategic planning, managing change, ethics and morality.  

When not speaking, consulting or conducting charitable work Buster is a prolific correspondent, essayist, collector of tribal rugs and fabrics, painter, restorer of Victorian watercolours and renovator of old buildings; chutney, jam and cake maker, endurance athlete, enthusiastic vegetable gardener, poet, photographer; idealism and ideas, music and ballet, planter and admirer of trees; extensively and curiously travelled.


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