John Sullivan

John is a master story-teller. He takes his audience on a journey of adventure, suspense and discovery. He brings together a wealth of personal experiences

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John Sullivan is a former Royal Marines Commando of nine years' experience. He has operated in some of the world's most challenging environments - Jungle, Desert and Arctic. John's passion in life is to explore with a sense of purpose. Working alone, this has taken him to some of the remotest corners of the world to research and set up factual programmes for the BBC and the National Geographic Channel. He has also led numerous life-changing conservation expeditions for young people to Namibia, Belize and Borneo.

Advisor to the BBC, Channel 5 and National Geographic Channel

John has excelled in the realm of freelance consultancy. He has remarkable first-hand knowledge of many remote regions of the world. He develops unique networks of in country contacts - often local tribes. John uses these to advise media groups and expedition leaders on how best to deal with the cultures and natural environments of the countries they plan to explore.

John is in great demand from the top TV Companies. His aptitude to inhospitable conditions in remote areas uniquely qualifies him for TV 'groundwork' and preparation.

The BBC hired him to make all in-country arrangements for Last Man Standing and Extreme Dreams. For Channel 5, he executed a similar brief for the programme, Unbreakables. More recently, John prepared all the pre-shoot arrangements in Papua New Guinea for the National Geographic Channel's documentary, Eating with Cannibals! John loves nothing more than to pass on his passion for the natural world and for the peoples of the most remote regions of the planet. As an extreme survivalist, he is always looking for that next adventure!

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