Matthew Croucher GC

Lance Corporal Matt Croucher is a Royal Marine who received the highest award for gallantry, the George Cross, after jumping on a hand grenade to save the lives of his fellow comrades.

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Matt had less than seven seconds to make up his mind whether to risk sacrificing his own life to save his friends when a hand grenade rolled into their path during an operation in Afghanistan. Without hesitation he chose to chance death and save his three fellow Royal Marines, an act of heroism recognised by him becoming only the 74th living recipient of the George Cross.

Matt recounts the situation in a manner that epitomises both his bravery and his ability to think clearly under unimaginable pressure, "it was a case of either having four of us as fatalities or badly wounded or one".

When he saw the situation arise he dived onto the floor, rolled up and used his backpack - containing a 66mm rocket - to cover the lethal shrapnel fragments from the coming blast. This ability to make the hardest of decisions without hesitation is something that resonates closely with all walks of life, whether it is business or personal, making Matt a highly sought after speaker.

Matt has kept his backpack as a trophy of the day he beat the grim reaper, a constant reminder of "how lucky I am".

Matt's incredible story and admirable values make him a fascinating speaker for any audience. It is not only his bravery, which saw him awarded the George Cross, but also his experience as a Royal Marine that makes Matt an authority on leadership, teamwork and thinking clearly under pressure.


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