Major Chris Whipp

Chris Whipp has spent over 20 years studying leadership, experiencing leadership and leading.  A former British Army Officer, he headed the Command and Tactics training to the Army Air Corps.  He served in many operational theatres and was the Apache Attack Helicopter in the Blue Eagles Display Team.

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Passionate about leadership and training, Chris uses the extensive knowledge and experience he acquired during his military career for management, team building and motivational training. A Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Coach and Certified Trainer, he combines the latest New Code techniques with other proven training styles. 

Following Officer Training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Chris was commissioned in 1994.  After serving as a Combat Support Troop Commander he attended the Army Pilots course in 1996.  He served as a Lynx helicopter pilot in Support of Operations in Northern Ireland and then took command of a Lynx Flight within the Army's Airmobile Brigade where he instigated a robust training programme before deploying to the Balkans.

In 1999, Chris was selected to join the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) and Sea King HC4 helicopters and then returned to the Balkans as a pilot with the Immediate Response Team.  His experiences as a Support Helicopter Commander took him from the Arctic to the desert.  He also tested his sea legs, deploying on HMS Invincible and HMS Ocean.

Throughout his time with the CHF he was able to contribute to the development of the Force's Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and was selected for instructor training. 

In 2002, Chris qualified as a Helicopter Instructor and was selected for the Army Air Corps Helicopter Display Team, the Blue Eagles, before converting to Apache helicopters.  He was posted to the Air Manoeuvre Training & Advisory Team responsible for tactics and weapon training, to the frontline Apache Squadrons. In 2006 he served in Afghanistan and went on to become an 'A' Category Instructor.

For his final tour in the Army, Chris was selected as Officer Commanding of the Command and Tactics Wing at the School of Army Aviation.  Responsible for training all Army pilots as part of the Operational Training Phase as well as Mission Commanders on frontline aircraft, his team used simulators and live aircraft to develop Leadership and Tactical skills. 

Returning to the Blue Eagles in 2008, Chris was selected as the first Apache display pilot for the Army Air Corps' Display Team.

Now, having adapted his Leadership and Management training experience to an approach more suited to commercial industry, he uses his expertise and has developed a programme which will benefit managers and management teams at all levels.  He has recently published his book 'The Leadership Secret: Be the Difference that Makes the Difference".

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