Patrick Bishop - Military Historian, Author, Journalist & Lecturer

Patrick Bishop is a highly acclaimed military author, journalist and historian. Throughout his prolific career he has written for the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Observer as well as authoring several books spanning from the Second World War and the Falklands through to modern-day Afghanistan.

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A history graduate of Corpus Christi Oxford, Patrick has built a distinguished career as a military author and foreign correspondent.

Patrick has earned the highest respect amongst fellow colleagues, the public and, most importantly, the servicemen and women about whom he writes.

His media work has also seen him work for Channel 4 News.

In the last decade Patrick has emerged as one of Britain's best-regarded military historians with his books Fighter Boys and Bomber Boys, which cast a new light on the men who flew in the Battle of Britain and the Strategic Air Campaign. He also proved himself to be a modern-day leader in his field with his contemporary accounts of the experiences of British troops fighting in southern Afghanistan. His book 3 Para told the story of the initial break-in battle in Helmand in 2006 and won the British Army Military Book of the Year Award. He later joined the Paras on their return to southern Afghanistan in 2008 and produced a sequel Ground Truth.

His writing is underpinned by first-hand knowledge of warfare gained during a long career as a foreign corresponent. He has followed British soldiers on almost all their deployments in the last thirty years from the Falklands to Afghanistan.

He is also the author of two novels, A Good War and Follow Me Home, which has been described by Major Chris Hunter as "the first great novel of the Afghan war".

Patrick's career is full of fascinating first-hand stories. This, accompanied by his exceptional military knowledge, makes him a truly superb speaker in this field.

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