Ben Carter: Special Forces, Squadron Commander

The leadership tactics of an SAS front line Commander.

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Major Ben Carter spent 16 years on the front line, serving in Northern Ireland throughout the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. Ben spent a year on the Directing Staff at the Royal Military Academy; Sandhurst teaching leadership, planning and tactics to future officers. He served for two years in the MOD on UK Special Forces policy, plans and crisis management, representing the Director Special Forces at COBR and regularly briefing 3* military officers,  servants and Ministers.

He returned to Regimental duty with 22 SAS as a Squadron commander and was involved in operations in the Middle East and Africa. Ben was responsible for a team of elite members of the British Armed Forces who were tasked with carrying out various operations.

Ben completed his military career as a member of the Directing Staff at the Army Staff College teaching planning processes and leadership development to Army senior managers. Ben has since set up a successful business providing companies with bespoke training packages in leadership, team performance and strategy.

Ben's experiences in the front line are unique, and the decisions that he had to me make have informed and influenced national decision making. He skilfully applies this decision-making experience to his inspirational leadership talks, corporate audiences on strategy, leadership and high performance teams in situations of confusion, stress and ambiguity, which he believes has strong parallels with business.

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