Mark Wood

Mark Wood Focuses on the many similarities between the difficult challenges faced by organizations today and the challenges faced by explorers in very dangerous and hostile regions. Mark is able to deliver a highly thought provoking, inspirational and motivating speech to his audiences.

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Mark started his career with service in the British Army and then as a firefighter with the Fire and Rescue service, where he went on to train and lead teams for major polar expeditions. It was here that he developed his passion for exploration and has over 30 major expeditions to date.  He  has just returned from the North Pole on the Race Against Time Exploration, highlighting climate change.  His next major trip is to Everest in 2017, where he will connect with 8848 schools via Skype, enabling them to follow Mark’s progress throughout the expedition.


Mark is an inspirational orator and is at ease communicating.  He is able to share his experiences through his leadership talks, focusing on the similarities between the difficult challenges faced by organizations and the challenges faced by explorers in very dangerous and hostile regions.  He is ranked as one of Skype’s top 5 global communicators, has been part of major BBC and Channel 5 documentaries, filmed his own award winning documentaries and helped lead the Top Gear Presenters to the Magnetic North Pole.



The topics that Mark uses for speaking events are as follows:


1.       Thinking Different

2.       Below Zero Decision Making

3.       Pioneers and Modern Day Exploration

4.       My Life in a Freezer



The main presentation points for his leadership talks are Thinking Different and Below Zero Decision Making.



Thinking Different

Mark operates in some of the most remote extreme cold areas of our planet from long range polar expeditions to covering 8000 metre peaks. However, he was born in the centre of UK where the car industry would have been the natural avenue for him to take. Mark's ability to look at life differently and seize opportunities has led him in a career through the military and rescue to now being one of the most dedicated polar explorers of our time. 


Thinking Different Presentation includes:

1. Outlining a strategic planning 

2. Evolving a brand to attract global companies 

3. Overcoming adverse situations

4. Remaining focused on the goal whilst allowing for change 

5. Knowing your own abilities and knowing when to involve others 

6. Key decision making 



Below Zero Decision Making

In 2013 Mark led a small team on a 72 day expedition through the Himalayas to the summit of Mount Everest - through his sponsors Skype /Microsoft he connected on route - visually and in real time to over 10,000 students around the World to communicate an honest portrayal of modern day exploration delivered through high end technology. Mark made the tough decision to abort the expedition a few hundred metres from the top of Everest to rescue his expedition partner. 


The decisions made in minus 45 degree temperatures, 50 mph winds, on the edge of the summit of Everest that night encapsulates the true tests and rationale required for vital design making. Mark's leadership skills developed over 30 major expeditions around the world demonstrate the parallels of extreme leadership and business leadership. 


 Below Zero Decision Making Presentation includes:

1. Understanding your environment 

2. Planning and preparation 

3. Leading from the back 

4. Allowing your team to have the freedom to develop 

5. Continuous risk assessment 

6. The importance of Mission statements  


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