Steve Beedie

It wasn't easy watching the 12 year old boy dying in his father arms. The landmine had ripped apart his body and stolen his life. There was nothing anyone could do but watch, helpless and afraid.

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Steve joined the army at the age of 16 to make a difference in the world and now I was watching this family's world shatter in front of his eyes, unable to save him. His inability to act and save another human life would haunt him for years.

Learning to overcome his mental health problems was just the beginning. There is a great desire to do so inside of Steve now. He would never not act again. Steve has ealised that your destiny is everything, and is empowered to help people direct their focus and create the life of their dreams. No matter how small or large, learning the power of your inner power and true focus and begin achieving your life's true purpose.

Steve's mission is to help entrepreneurs businesses and the UK public sector find a new meaning to their lives. Motivation is the easy part. Staying up and keeping motivated when crisis and struggle hits you is the challenge and Steve is here to teach you exactly how to achieve this. Steve's speech "Worth Fighting For" is the single most heartfelt story of struggle through crisis and pain. Filled with real life examples of how you can use your own struggle to inspire your dreams or even just a new path of prosperity. There is always a way to overcome any crisis and every challenge all it takes is some real life grit and tenacity and a little belief in yourself. Steve's message is clear.

"You are and you always will be someone worth fighting for"

When you are facing a nightmare business crisis or family struggle what will keep you fighting on?

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